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Amr Awadallah from Saudi Arabia

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To the wonderful management of

i am thanking you so much for the extraordinary efforts you used to do to change my life from negative to a positive and shiny . in behalf of my wife also , i would like to send our worm regards and thanks to all of you and JAZAKUM ALLAHU KHAIRAN for all you've done for both of us . my name is AMR AHMED AWADALLAH , i was registered since 9 month back under the nickname of GOODWELL , egyptian nationality , divorced ( in the past ) , 40 y/o , working in saudi arabia since 15 years , i get divorced since 2 years back due some troubles and misunderstanding between me and my ex-wife , and we divorced provided to the kids will live with me , and finally i found myself divorced , single father with kids . i was in a trouble being single in such age , i really want to get marry from someone special who can understand and appreciate the value of the marriage relationship , but due my very busy time at work , i was unable to found what i am looking for . finally , some friends guide me to register in , and i keep searching for more than one year for someone who can match my criteria and fit my needs , also to understand that she will be responsible of a single father with kids living at the same home . i took long time to find her , and all of the female i'v met in the site was insist to get marry from a single guy or divorced with no kids . but i was having a believe that ALLAH will guide me to the one who can understand my situation and able to be a good wife , responsible and loving me with the way i want . being insist to find the right one and believe in ALLAH to find her , i finally found her . she's a cute indonesian girl , 25 y/o , well educated person , understanding , simple and too much loving and caring , we keep chatting to each other , closed to each other , and finally we fall in love . i crushed on her and vice versa , thats why i decide to visit her in february 2010 to recognize her face to face and know closely her family . at that time and when our faces meet for the first time , we recognize that we have to live together , then we engaged at my visit time , then we give our selfs a chance to be more close . when i get back , and after one month from my visit , we start to feel that we has been created to each other and we have to get marry as fast as we can . thats why , since i am a man of a word , i struggle to save money for marriage , and ALLAH gives me the support to do it . ALHAMDULILLAH , we get marry finally in BEKASI , INDONESIA in July 25 , 2010 . i wish all the best of luck for all people who keep searching honestly for their partners .

and thanks again for the wonderful team of

Amr Awadallah
Riyad, Saudi Arabia August 2010