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My good friend met her husband on this website and convinced me to open an account so, I reluctantly did it. I met a few nice men and a few bad apples. Then on Oct 22, a wonderful man contacted me. Initially, I was against the union because I am 8 years older than him (i'm 30, he's 22). He reminded me about my 1st email response. I had basically told him that it wouldn't work because of our age difference. Thank God he was persistent or else I would have missed out on a great man. After talking a few times, I realized we have so much in common and the age difference doesn't matter anymore. He is my ideal match. I am in Canada and he's in Egypt. I've spoken to some of his family members on the phone and they are so supportive of us. It's been over 1 month, he will be moving here in about 2 weeks. Insha Allah and we will be married soon. The lesson I learned is, you can never know how you will find love, or who you will love. Keep an open mind and you might be pleasantly surprised. I love you sweetie and I am so happy we have each other.

name withheld
Ontario, Canada November 2009