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muslim matrimonial success story

Assalamualeikum, I've met my future husband on on Valentine's day 2008 and we were married 5 months later in July 2008, Alhamdullillah! I have to say that it was a pure luck, if such exists, because my profile was hidden most of the time. I tried to avoid online chatting but that Saturday morning decided to give it a try... We chatted for a few hours and talked on the phone later that day. Everything was just perfect! We have been married for a year and a half now. It has been a hard work but, also, a rewarding one. Dear ladies, stay true to yourself and believe in yourself, especially if you are a convert/revert to Islam. Don't take tradition/culture for religion, don't let anybody make you something else to fit his taste because you may loose yourself in a process. Finally, thank you for helping me to find my soulmate!

New Jersey, USA October 2009