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Bilal & Fariha from UK (pic)

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Assalamualeykum wr wbr, i want to thank for the staff of this website, for making people connect all around the world and it is possible. Everything is possible and theres no such words as impossible, just be good in your heart and you will Insh,allah soon find your other half, like i have found Alhamdulillah. There are so many stars in the sky , but i can see only you (Bilal) with my eyes. For the world you are someone but for me you are the whole world. He made me see what is true love all about: Faithful, Reliable, Everlasting, Helping, Incredible, Sharing, Patient and best friend. Loving him is a wounderful feeling because he is so true. He is has got a big place deep in my heart. He gave a new meaning to my life and a new start. I ask Allah to bless you all ( team) and award you Jannat for helping me and him to have one soul and one heart in two boddies.
Wasalam wr wbr

Bilal & Fariha
London, England, UK February 2009